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Bayou Design Studios to produce all marketing material for the 5th ANNUAL SINAI RALLY.

Bayou Design Studios is pleased to announce that they have been selected to design and produce all marketing collateral for the 5th ANNUAL SINAI RALLY taking place August 16th, 2009

Sinai Rally is a Montreal based annual Charity Drive, literally! Drivers & their chosen navigators, take on the challenge of making their way through checkpoints to the final destination in an effort to be the first to cross the checkered flag. The Sinai Rally, entering its 5th year, is proud to be going green with this event as it will be carbon neutral. Carbon neutral events are a great way to help the environment by balancing carbon emissions with an equivalent offset amount. During this event, the carbon emitted from the cars will be calculated and balanced through various means of offset, thus enabling it to be a carbon neutral event.

The Sinai Rally benefits the Mount Sinai Hospital which specializes in respiratory, palliative & long-term care.  It also serves as a s
tate-of-the-art teaching facility affiliated with the McGill University Hospitals. The Mount Sinai Hospital has evoked the sentiment below;

“Mount Sinai is not just a hospital; it is what a hospital is meant to be”

“We are
proud to have been selected as the primary agency for the 2009 Sinai Rally. Bayou Design Studios will provide its expertise in designing and producing all necessary marketing and promotional tools for this year’s event; we are also thrilled to announce our sponsorship as a Partner in the 2009 Sinai Rally. This is a remarkable event and we are ecstatic to be an integral part of the event”, says Adriano Onorati, Co-Owner & Head of Sales & Marketing.

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