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BDS is proud to announce we have officially launched the NEW Trois Brasseurs (The 3 Brewers) web site! With a clean, refreshing new look, this site offers beautiful interactive tools, detailed information on their beer, a restaurant locator and more. You can also enjoy and learn how L3B makes their award winning beer by viewing a photo documentary that will guide you through the process.

With responsive design all features of the site can be enjoyed on your computer or any mobile device including tablets! The web site and all photography was fully produced & developed by our team at Bayou Design Studios Inc. and we couldn't be happier with the end result. Enjoy! www.les3brasseurs.ca 

Art Director and Designer: Armen Pattoukian
Lead Programmer: David Ciamarro
Strategy, Project Management & Photographer: Adriano Onorati

Founded in France, with locations throughout the country including Polynesia, New Caledonia, and La Réunion. In Canada, L3B is growing at a rapid rate with 14 locations throughout Québec and Ontario. The 3 Brewers are everywhere!

Bayou Design Studios is proud of the wonderful relationship we have with their fantastic team and this was truly a team effort that yielded a perfect result. As they say at Les Trois Brasseurs "CHEERS! & BON APPÉTIT"

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